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I built this as an alternative to the rubber-coated metal stands, to avoid damage to nitro-finished guitars.  It is made of poplar board and assembled with wood screws and bolts for disassembly.
This is similar to others, except I moved the neck support back so that the necks would tilt back, thus avoiding the need for restraints.  
The base was the hardest part.  My initial design had these two base supports mounted so that they could rotate.  That didn't really work and this configuration was a compromise that seemed to work for the various types of guitars I had.

This version had the felt, but later that was replaced with carpeting to help prevent the guitar bodies from rotating in the stand.

The neck support is the most difficult piece to make, since it involves a lot of hand shaping.  Later, I put the felt on the entire front surface (see the guitar cabinet page).  

  Download a PDF file with the guitar stand measurements HERE

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