Restoration / Rebuild of a Brownface Fender Reverb Unit

I'd been looking for an authentic brownface Fender reverb for awhile to go with my brownface Fender Bandmaster. I didn't see any photos of the internals but the seller told me it was authentic and just repaired before it was offered for sale.  Quite a surprise to me when I got it open and found that someone had completely rewired it with vinyl inslulated wire, sprague capacitors and metal film resistors. First thought was that I bought a reissue, but the chassis number and transformer numbers indicated 1962-63 vintage parts.

Why anyone would rewire this is beyond me. I don't think the seller mislead me and he had no clue it was redone and thought the repair shop may have done this. Well, it's just wire and some components, so I decided to rewire the reverb unit with period correct wire and components. I used carbon resistors and original tone capacitors when I could.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any NOS coupling capacitors so I used contemporary electrically correct replacements.

See the below photos to show what I originally had and how it was "restored".

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Here is shown the chassis after stripping all the components
Another view of the stripped chassis
All done!
Completed restored circuit mounted in cabinet
Top view showing the control panel
Front of reverb unit

Fortunately, the reverb tank was original and still worked.  Comparing to my 1964 vintage blackface reverb unit, it works as expected. Not exactly vintage but close enough!


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Created 03 January 2013

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