Fender SRV Stratocaster Brazilian

The real deal ! (most likely)

My long search for a real Brazilian SRV Stratocaster appears to be at an end with the acquisition of this guitar (Serial No. SE910xxx). The SRV strat that I previously owned was a fine guitar in its own right, but it appeared to have a Pau Ferro fretboard as discussed in another page on this site. Of course there's nothing wrong with Pao Ferro and I don't believe that it has any real impact on the quality of the guitar or it's tone. However, as a long term SRV fan there's still something special about the early Brazilian SRV guitars and I've had one on my radar for a long time. You can read more about the fabled rosewood SRV necks here. Despite the fact that the serial number of this guitar is not listed on the unofficial Brazilian SRV registry on that page, the previous owner sent the neck to Gruhn's for a hands-on appraisal, and received a letter expressing their collective opinion that this was indeed a Brazilian rosewood fretboard.  He graciously agreed to sell it to me for a fair price (thanks!) including the letter from Gruhn's.

While it is not possible to discriminate between different species of rosewood beyond all doubt, the appearance of this board and the opinion of Gruhn's are good enough for me to accept that this particular guitar is very likely one of the elusive Brazilian SRV strats.  Compare the photos of this board below with the Pau Ferro board on my other page and judge for yourself!

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Below is a comparison between the two SRV fretboards. The most obvious visual difference is the presence of the horizontal "splits" in the purported Brazilian fretboard, whereas the Pao Ferro is smoother.



Bottom Line.  It's a great guitar! The neck is straight, no buzzing and it sounds great with 11's, regardless of what the fretboard wood is. However, it's kind of cool thinking it may be one of the early 50 - 100 Brazilian SRV's produced by the Fender custom shop.

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