A 1992 Fender SRV Stratocaster

The Question: Is this a Pau Ferro or Brazilian Rosewood neck?



Overall, the fretboard is darker than many Pau Ferro necks, but it doesn't have those longitudinal "cracks", which I've read that rosewood tends to have.


At the lower frets, there appears to be evidence of uneven coloration.  Also, the sides of the entire fretboard are lighter in color.  Is would appear that the fretboard may have been darkened on purpose, or perhaps by some other process.    

Want to read more about the elusive rosewood SRV necks?  look here.  According to that article, the majority of the fabled custom shop necks have serial numbers in the SE90xxxx range, and this SRV has a serial number of SE91xxxx.  

Bottom Line:  My guess is that it is a Pau Ferro fretboard.  All that really matters is that this is a great guitar with its own unique voice.  I setup a '95 Fender Strat almost identically to the SRV, with Dunlop 6100's, heavy strings and Fender Texas Special pickups, and this SRV still has a darker, thicker and more resonant tone.

I have since passed this guitar on to another owner, and no longer own this one, but I'll leave this page up as a reference.

Want to see an authenticated Brazilian SRV?  Click here to go to my other SRV strat page.

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